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3 meditation podcasts for more serenity in a crisis

No time right now?

We tested three meditation podcasts – for a little more serenity and inner peace in these turbulent times.

Podcasts are booming – especially now during the crisis. But it doesn’t always have to be the quarantine talk or the corona update in order to deal with the current state of emergency in the best possible way. Because honestly? We have had enough horror reports in the last few weeks. We don’t want to hear about empty shelves, infection and death rates and economic standstill – at least not for this moment. Instead, it is time for a little more serenity and inner peace. We have therefore tested three meditation podcasts for you, which will help you to relieve some stress and recharge your batteries in this extraordinary time.

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Meditation for every day by Inhale Life with Paulina Thurm

The meditations by and with Paulina Thurm last around 15 minutes. Your voice is pleasant and peaceful. Particularly recommendable is the episode “Reduce inner tension and pressure”, which deals with your own feelings in this challenging crisis situation. At the beginning of the meditation there are questions like: How am I doing right now? What pressure is on me? How were the last days, the last weeks? Because right now negative emotions can accumulate unconsciously and it can already help to become aware of them in order to provide some relief.

The episode ends with a tension exercise: All the pressure and stress that has accumulated during the time of the state of emergency should be channeled into the clenched fists. If you let go at the end, the tension evaporates. A great exercise that can be repeated in stressful situations outside of the corona crisis. Also ideal for beginners!

A Mindful Mess Meditation Journey with Dariadaria

Together with Spotify, the influencer and entrepreneur Madeleine Alizadeh, better known to many as Dariadaria, has worked out an entire meditation journey. For 14 days, she accompanies her audience through the corona crisis with a daily new podcast episode, devoting herself to a different topic each time. The meditations last about ten to 15 minutes and are suitable for both advanced and beginners. In addition to exercises for a better sleep, more gratitude and acceptance, conscious breathing is also discussed again and again.

Our tip: Episode 5 deals with the topic of “sending love” and concentrates on the people who work in the so-called “systemically relevant professions” and who are doing a great deal right now to keep our society going. Simply saying thank you to all the doctors, nurses and also the employees in the retail trade can be extremely beneficial and open your eyes to the good things that exist despite the corona crisis.

Living mindfulness with Peter Beer

In his podcast, Peter Beer explores the question of what it takes to live a happy and fulfilling life. Since the corona crisis brings with it major restrictions as well as worries and fears, he also deals with the question of how to use the exceptional time for body, mind and soul. For example, he dedicates himself to the question of how to survive isolation and how to best deal with boredom, arguments and loneliness.

The podcast episodes vary in length, but the guided meditation lasts 20 minutes, is suitable for all types of listener, and is intended to help cope with stress and exhaustion, among other things. Peter Beer’s voice may sound a bit monotonous and drowsy at first, but it unfolds its full effect as soon as you fully engage in meditation.

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