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3 apps to sell and buy clothes

Is your wardrobe overflowing and can you use an extra pocket money? Then try to sell your second-hand shoes, pants or shirts. How? Through one of these apps to sell clothes.

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Apps to sell clothes

There are more than enough apps to sell clothes, but the success of such an app stands or falls with the attention. After all, when few people use the platform, you have little chance of a quick sale. Fortunately, you will not be bothered by this with the clothing sales apps below, because these applications are popular.

1. Vinted

You’ve probably seen this one on TV. Vinted is probably the most famous clothing app in the Netherlands. You can not only buy designer clothes for a bargain price, but also tidy up your own wardrobe.

It is very simple. With a few taps on the button, you can indicate what you want to sell, quote a price and add photos. Also be honest about the condition of the garment. As soon as someone is interested in your stuff, you will receive a message and finalize the deal.

Note: Vinted is not free. The app charges a fixed amount of 0.70 euros per transaction and also asks for a commission of 5 percent on the entire purchase amount. Also take into account the shipping costs. In addition, the app has been in the news several times in recent years because it is used by scammers, so always be careful.

2. United Wardrobe

United Wardrobe basically does the same as Vinted: to be a marketplace for buying and selling second-hand clothing. With a few taps and swipes on the screen you create ads for your clothes, quote a price and add some photos. Interested parties can then contact you to buy the pants, shirt or pair of shoes.

There are some differences between Vinted and United Wardrobe. The latter is more focused on buying of second-hand designer clothes. As you can expect based on the name, the app is set up in such a way that you can look into other people’s closets. Is there something nice for you? Then you quickly add this to your shopping cart.

United Wardrobe is also not free. With every purchase or sale you have to pay between 1.99 and 2.99 euros to the platform, depending on which payment method you use. As a seller you also pay 10 percent of the sales price to United Wardrobe.

United Wardrobe - Safely Buy and Sell Your Fashion

United Wardrobe – Safely Buy and Sell Your Fashion

United Wardrobe

3. Marketplace

Everything that is loose and stuck can be sold on Marktplaats, including clothing. Broadly speaking, it works the same as with Vinted and United Wardrobe. Take photos of the items of clothing you want to sell, find the right category, quote a price (or let interested parties bid) and try to sell your stuff.

A big advantage of Marktplaats is that it is free to place advertisements in the clothing categories. You also do not have to pay any administration costs during settlement. A disadvantage of Marktplaats is that the app is not specifically designed for selling clothing. It can therefore look quite messy. The range is also less fashionista than with the two clothing apps discussed above.



Marktplaats BV

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