22% of readers think Pixel Tablet is the best of Google I/O 2023

Google I/O was a special presentation: we expected a lot of hardware announcements, but they took a long time to come out and ultimately didn’t get a lot of attention. However, our readers prove that nothing escapes their attention, as Google Pixel Tablet takes the number 1 position of most popular announcements. Dirk-Jan, for example, voted for it: “Definitely the tablet, still in doubt to purchase it!”

Not too impressed

At the same time, it also appears that many readers were not at all impressed by what Google announced. For example, there is a joint second place in terms of favorite announcements: 17 percent say that nothing has impressed them at all. Nobody for example: “Nothing, nothing, nada.”

Another 17 percent say new features within Google Photos have left a lasting impression, such as the Magic Editor that really takes photo editing to a new level. Sjoerd-1 could be one of those voters, because he will not have opted for the hardware: “I think of Google phones and tablets anyway that you pay too much for what you get. Samsung has a better price-quality ratio.”

google bard

The very first foldable Google Pixel phone, Fold, can count on 10 percent of the vote, while the Pixel 7a is slightly more popular with 11 percent. It also appears that the software announcements were slightly less popular: the new features for Bard received 8 percent of the vote, the new features for Google Search 6 percent, the new features for Google Maps 5 percent and the Emoji wallpapers only 2 percent. JackTDip: “I was very curious about Bard and it looks good so far. It does indeed have some things that Bing lacks like interoperability with some services, apps and dark mode.” Another 2 percent say they have a different opinion.

In short, there is great division over the announcements that Google made this week, but nevertheless the tablet is by far the most popular device and the AI ​​arts within Google Photos are also doing well. You should check if you combine them.

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Thanks for participating in the poll. Next week we will dive deeper into AI in the poll. Until then!

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