2 free tools that will make your email marketing a whole lot easier

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In our tool tip, we show you two practical widgets with which marketers can get feedback directly in the newsletter and easily provide social proof on the registration page.

It’s such a thing with marketing newsletters: Using metrics such as opening and click rate or unsubscriptions, marketers can draw a pretty good picture of how well their emails are being received by the recipients. And of course you can also conduct regular surveys. But they demand a relatively high level of initiative from the participants – they have to go to an external landing page and click through questions there. Low threshold is different.

Get feedback directly in the newsletter

Sparkloop is actually a tool that subscribers can use to recommend newsletters. The provider also has Reactions, a practical little widget in its program for collecting surveys and feedback on the newsletter.

Marketers can use the Sparkloop widget to get feedback directly in the newsletter. (Screenshot: Sparkloop / t3n)

Using a corresponding field, marketers can integrate surveys directly in the newsletter, obtain feedback via emojis or determine the net promoter score. You don’t even have to know how to code – Sparkloops Reactions-Tool is compatible with all email platforms, including Mailchimp, Revue and Convertkit. And “even Substack”, as it says on the website.

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Evaluating the reactions is also very simple: marketers can access results in real time and invite them to share the newsletter with friends via a social sharing widget. In addition, participants in the surveys and feedback rounds can be forwarded to special landing pages or product views. And the best? Reactions is available free of charge and stands up Sparkloops website for download ready.

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Social proof widget

With Proof, Sparkloop also offers a similarly practical widget that reveals to potential customers how many people have already subscribed to a newsletter.

Sparkloop’s Proof automatically shows how many people have recently subscribed to a newsletter. (Screenshot: Sparkloop / t3n)

With this social proof, marketers can strengthen trust in their brand or company and at the same time obtain more subscriptions. The widget can show how many new subscribers have joined within a certain period of time, or indicate how many people in total received the newsletter. The whole thing updates itself automatically so that marketers have practically no work with it. Proof is also no-code, compatible with all newsletter platforms and is also available free to download ready.

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