14% of French people want to invest soon

As you may know, the price of Bitcoin has never been higher. Indeed, the queen of cryptocurrencies exceeded the symbolic bar of 50,000 dollars on Tuesday, February 16, 2021. This explosion, we owe it to the support of many companies and banking institutions, who have decided to bet on BTC. This is for example the case of Tesla, who just bought $ 1.5 billion in BTC. The automaker has also announced that it will be possible to pay for its vehicle in Bitcoin.

MasterdCard and Paypal have also decided to adopt BTC as a means of payment, while Jack Dorsey, CEO and founder of Twitter, has just launched a new Bitcoin development fund in Africa and India, in partnership with rapper Jay-Z. The support of these companies and personalities has brought Bitcoin into a new sphere, with BTC now competing with gold.

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Bitcoin, a profitable investment for some of the French

And of course, the French are starting to take an interest in this virtual currency, which can pay off big. As evidenced by a recent Ifop survey carried out for the specialized site Cointribune, 14% of French people want to invest in Bitcoin. 3% of them have already passed the course. This is particularly the case of Antoine, a 40-year-old musician forced to retrain in carpentry due to the pandemic. In early January 2021, he decided to invest part of his grandparents’ donation in Bitcoin.

The bet paid off, as he tells it on FranceInfo: “ I put 2000 € and very quickly I had won the equivalent of my sum. When you’ve been in Bitcoin for a month and a half, it can be addicting. So, I re-injected bitcoins twice. All in all, I invested € 10,000 ”, explains Antoine. For now, the investor is in possession of 0.4 Bitcoin, i.e. € 17,000.

As a reminder, many economists assure that the current situation calls for a democratization of Bitcoin as a means of payment. The issue of its price volatility remains to be resolved. However, Bitcoin is now based on much more solid foundations, since it is now supported by individuals, but also powerful brands like Tesla or MasterCard. What to move towards linear growth?

Where to buy Bitcoin safely?

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