120 euros money back with many tariffs

Deutsche Telekom is generous and has launched a new cashback campaign. Customers can get 120 euros back if they opt for a MagentaMobil tariff or extend it. The connection fee that would otherwise be due is also omitted with some tariffs.

Telekom: € 120 cashback at MagentaMobil

Anyone who decides on a new MagentaMobil tariff or extends the existing one by March 31, 2021, will receive from Telekom 120 euros money back. In addition, there is sometimes no connection price, which is otherwise noticeable at 39.99 euros. The campaign is carried out exclusively by Telekom itself and not through third-party providers.

However, the cashback campaign does not run completely automatically, as registration must first be carried out after the tariff agreement. Only then is the 120 euros transferred back to the account.

The prepaid and data-only tariffs are excluded from the promotion. However, savings can be made with Telekom’s smartphone tariffs. There is still a one-time connection price, but there is the mentioned 120 euros after signing a contract with the tariffs MagentaMobil S, M, L or XL. The amount of the cashback does not depend on the size of the tariff.

For example, those who now opt for the MagentaMobil S tariff or extend it. He gets 6 GB of mobile data volume that can be surfed in Telekom’s 4G and 5G network. There is also a flat rate for telephony and SMS for 39.95 euros. It’s even cheaper for people under the age of 28 because there is one here additional price advantage over 120 euroswhich is noticeable in the first year of the contract with 10 euros every month.

Questions and answers about 5G:

Telekom: Family Card without connection price

Existing Telekom customers can use the Family Card save the group even more money. The Family Card S supplement tariff with 6 GB of data volume and access to StreamOn Music is available here. The monthly price for the tariff drops to an effective 14.95 euros via the cashback campaign. The deployment price of 39.95 euros does not apply either.

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