11x fun indoor games for children

1. Whacking newspapers

Tip in advance: first explain to your toddler that he can only hit with a newspaper during the game. (To avoid being able to slap on his classmates with a newspaper after the weekend – our editor talks from experience). Anyway: the game is very simple. The whole family sits in a circle and in the middle is the whacker. It starts by calling out a name. The person must call out another name as soon as possible. If the whack hits you before you say another name, you’re done.

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2. Make a huge drawing

All you need: a roll of wallpaper and markers, pencils or paint. Roll out the wallpaper throughout the living room and create an endless drawing together. Or lie on it and let yourself be outlined, laughing too.

3. Cooking

Yes, it can be that simple. And it is not only fun, it is also very educational. Bake a delicious cake with your child and tell about the ingredients or prepare a healthy dinner. Find a recipe together in advance, so that you get your child involved with the whole dog. Are you ready? For example, appoint your other half as jury and you also make a small competition.

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4. Tasting

Speaking of food: a tasting is always a hit and can be done with one or more children. Prepare plastic plates, number them and put some of the selected products on each plate. Consider, for example, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, pepper, salt, peanut butter, cinnamon, butter, yogurt and whipped cream. Blindfold your child (ren) with a tea towel and take them along the signs. The one who recognizes the most flavors is the winner.

5. Paint the bathroom

We hear you think: ‘uh, sorry ?!’ Don’t panic: mix some gouache with shaving cream and your kids can go wild on the bathroom wall. Afterwards you just rinse everything there, with the shower head.

6. Nail defecation

Such an oldie that never gets bored. And you hardly need anything for this fun indoor game. Set out a bottle and then tie a string or belt around your child’s hip and the rest of the family. At the height of the buttocks hangs a string with a nail on it. The aim of the game is to lower the nail into the bottle. Tip: The younger the children are, the larger the neck of the bottle should be. A small bucket might be the best option for children up to the age of five.

7. Sleeping Lions

This game is especially useful if you have more children on the floor. It is perfect to get some rest in the tent. How it works? Tell your kids that you are all lions who need a lot of sleep. They should stay as still as possible and if they move anything they will wake up and help you guard the other lions. Try to make the ‘lions’ laugh so that staying still becomes very difficult. Oh, touching and tickling is not allowed. The child who stays ‘sleep’ the longest wins.

8. Save socks

Also very nice (and useful, especially for you). Make a pile of the socks that have just come out of the wash and let your child take two of the same each time. You can make it a bit more difficult by also putting other things in between where you have two of them.

9. Subtropical swimming paradise

Transform your bathroom into a subtropical swimming paradise. Put on your bikini or swimming trunks, decorate everything, take out the diving goggles, inflatable bands and toys, treat everyone to a nice cocktail and you’re done. Because not all indoor games only have to be fun for the kids, right?

10. Limo pong

Same as beer pong, yes, but with lemonade. Place six (or more) large cups in a triangle on the table and fill them with lemonade. From about two meters away, you try to throw a ping-pong ball in one of the cups – with or without a single bounce. The winner should actually ‘eat’ the beer in the cup, but that is also very well possible with lemonade.

11. I see, I see …

Not only a winner in the car to the South of France, also ideal during a quiet day at home. Did your child not guess after three tries? Then throw in an extra hint. Otherwise, you’ll be sweet until midnight – fun for your kids, less for you.

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