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11x for these special (and hilarious) reasons children had a tantrum

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You are then, in the middle of a supermarket, with a roaring toddler. Welcome to toddlerhood. From melted cheese to a pink tongue and 9 other laughable reasons for a tantrum. Are they coming.

They are born drama queens.

1. Your orange juice isn’t orange enough? Reason enough for a tantrum.

2. That would be handy

3. “Mom, give that blood back!”

4. This is the world upside down

5. Give me a green tongue

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6. How can you?!

7. “Wait, why am I crying again?”

8. It is also very mean that you are not allowed to play with butter in the bath

9. What exactly do you want?

10. It’s not fair…

11. Apparently cheese can also be too melted

Source: Huffington Post

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