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100 GB at € 9.99 / month at NRJ Mobile

For the brand’s 15th anniversary, NRJ Mobile is offering a very large 100 GB package with unlimited calls and SMS / MMS for € 19.99. But beware, for one year you will only pay € 9.99: a reduction of € 120 for the whole year! And since it is without obligation, you can therefore leave when this period is over. You keep your old number of course …

NRJ Mobile is an operator which offers very nice prices. His secret? The company buys large volumes of data from SFR, Orange and Bouygues in order to obtain a wholesale price for the benefit of its customers. Until December 16, NRJ therefore offers an offer with 100 GB of Internet data with unlimited calls and SMS / MMS for only € 9.99. Normally the price is € 19.99, but the plan will only change to this price after 12 months. You will therefore save 120 € over this period (€ 10 x 12 months = € 120).

Best of all, you can leave immediately afterwards since this is a non-binding offer.. Note that with this package you will also be entitled to a reserve of 10 GB of mobile Internet you go to the countries of the European Union (+ Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), and the overseas departments (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, Reunion, Guyana + Saint-Barthélemy, Saint-Martin and Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon).

Why do we recommend this package?

  • A 100 GB package for less than 10 € / month!
  • Without engagement
  • 12 months with 10 € reduction per month = 120 € savings!

Still engaged?

If you think you are still engaged with your current operator, just dial 3179 free of charge to be sure. You will get your RIO ID back. It is this number that must be given to NRJ Mobile when completing the document online. The operator will take care of terminating for you and will notify you when you can insert your new SIM card … To find out more and terminate your contract with the Chatel law, take a look at our article …

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